Ordering Information

For your convenience, you can order either by phone or e-mail: info@juwelierstudio.at, info@jubilerskiestudio.pl, info@aranymuvestudio.hu.

All telephone and e-mail orders insert on working days till 4PM, for their processing on the same day.

Orders can be processed only after receiving the funds to our account.

To guarantee the date of dispatch from USA listed by products, it is necessary that payment of your order has been credited to our account until 4PM.

In case that the payment of your order is credited to our account  after 4PM, the order will be processed the next business day and dispatch dates may change.

For this reason, we recommend to all our partners to pay order immediately - in the second step of the shopping cart select the method for online payment or wire transfer through your Internet Banking.

Telephon: +421/919 900 500

E-mail:  info@juwelierstudio.at, info@jubilerskiestudio.pl, info@aranymuvestudio.hu


You can order online 24/7.


To ensure accuracy in placing an order is necessary to provide the following information: customer number, company name, name, complete serial number,

carat, color, size, quantity, product catalog number (if applicable).


Availability and Delivery

You will find the date by each product when the goods are, or will be ready for dispatch from the USA. All online orders will be considered as normal Economical orders - see below explanation. 


Standard "Economic" shipping  

  • order 24/7
  • orders of the items that are in stock, or a page appears to be available by Friday of that week will be shipped from the USA in one package every Friday
  • delivery, directly to your address usually takes 4 working days (delivery, customs clearance, finished jewelery hallmarking) from the nearest Friday after the date specified for the product on the same day
  • deadline of standard economic orders is every working day until 4PM - products will be booked in the system
  • postage from the USA will be redistributed among all jewelers who have goods in cumulative order and will be charged as a handling fee = 10, - EUR for each buyer

Priority shipping

  • order by the phone 
  • shipping from the USA is payed by the buyer individualy
  • deadline of the priority orders is every working day until 4PM (shipped on the same day)
  • for orders after 4PM or during the weekend, your order will be processed on the next working day
  • to information about the availability of products should be added four working days for delivery, customs clearance, finished jewelery hallmarking
  • shipping costs will be calculated separately (please inquire by phone)

*Transport costs - Warning: If you order goods from categories Tools and Packaging (heavy tools, heavy displays or heavy packaging), please make sure that the total weight of the goods in the order may not exceed one kilogram. In this case, you will be charged the handling fee of 40, - € / kg at the real transport weights of ordered products.

If the date of dispatch is a public holiday, your order will be dispatched the next working day.

Bank holidays and vacations:

Free days



Martin Luther King Day (USA)

Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day (USA)

Good Friday

Easter Monday

International Workers` Day (SK)

Day of victory over fascism (SK)

Memorial day (USA)

Independence Day (USA)

St Cyril and Methodius day (SK)

Slovak National Uprising anniversary (SK)

SR Constitution Day (SK)

Labor Day (USA)

Day of Our Lady of the Seven sorrows

Columbus Day (USA)

All Saint`s Day                                                  

Thanksgiving (USA)                                              

Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (SK)                                             
Christmas Day    
Christmas Day (in lieu)/St Stephens Day        


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